Programming medicines to act only where needed

Ampersand is enabling potent mechanisms to treat disease by creating and programming therapeutics that are more efficacious, without compromising on safety or tolerability.

AND platform

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Ampersand Biomedicines

One of the great challenges of drug development has been the industry’s inability to create therapies that effectively target the site of disease without affecting healthy tissue or cells, resulting in undesirable off-tissue side effects and toxicities. To solve this, Ampersand’s proprietary Address, Navigate, Determine (AND)™ Platform is designed to create next-generation modular medicines that work precisely where needed in the body and nowhere else. We call these AND-Body™ Therapeutics.

Ampersand's AND-Body therapeutics combine elements that locate their intended target with elements that actuate biology to treat disease, and are enabled by the company's proprietary, first-of-its-kind Address Map. Through our Address Map we are able to identify the ideal localizing target for any organ, cell, and disease. With these technologies and insights, Ampersand is creating programmable medicines to be safer and more effective by acting exclusively at the site of disease.

AND-Body: Programming localizers and potent actuators into medicines

Our novel programmable, multi-specific medicines – AND-Body Therapeutics – are designed to act at the site of disease.

They combine a localizing element that enables disease-specific precision with an actuator specifically chosen for disease modification. The localizer’s primary function is to anchor these medicines in the diseased tissue. Actuator moieties are responsible for signaling to restore healthy biology. This approach enables improved target engagement while sparing on-target, off-tissue side effects. ​

The AND™ Platform

Ampersand's computationally powered AND Platform identifies ideal addresses for drug localization and informs the design of AND-Body Therapeutics that have the optimal therapeutic effect. The result is a programmed biologic that targets disease where it matters.

AND Platform